Friday, 1 February 2013



                              My friends as you know very well smoking is not good for health according to the some researchers and PhD doctors when you do smoke one complete cigarette your life time will be reduced by 11 mints this is according to the researchers. my friends smoking causes lung cancer that is not good for any one.
Because as you people see that smoking is very bad for health and lung that is why we should stop smoking and we should tell the other people that smoking is bad for health and we all should stop smoking now we have something through which we can stop smoking very easily.
picture of cigarette
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This is the smoking gadget you can say through which you can left the smoking easily.
picture electronic cigarette
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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Play Station

Play Station:

                                      Well my friends play station is the game or you can say machine who provide you the facility to play any kind off game on the play station all kind of 3D games are also played on play station 
more of kids knows that what gaming quality provided by the play station.
picture of play station
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This is the play station on which you can play highest quality 3D game very smoothly and enjoy i hope you people like it.

Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera:

                                                         As you people know very wall what that word camera means and what that is use for.So my friends today we are gonna talk about the hidden camera first of all why we need it there are many reason according to the situation some time hidden camera is needed for the security purpose in the banks or in the financial institutions and the hidden camera is also needed in the government institution Like income tax offices and hidden camera is also needed in the private hotels or maybe in the Jim also.As you see in this picture.
picture from hidden camera
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Some time the hidden camera is also use for special security purpose and some time the hidden camera is used in the intelligence agencies for their special and secret tasks and some time kids or other people use the hidden camera just for fun purpose. 
picture of spy sunglasses
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This spy sunglasses are used by different people according to their interest the hidden camera is also in it.

Mp3 Flash

Mp3 Flash:

                                     As you people know that usb is the data storage device or data transfer device that you can transfer the data from one computer to another computer in very easily and fast way and mp3 flash is also the data transfer device on the other hand you can also listen and enjoy music through mp3 flash while driving car or while doning work.
Picture of Mp3 flash
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\This is UBS flash mp3 in it and you can use it for data transfer as wall as for enjoying the music as you peope must know that in the when thare is no concept of  USB, mp3 flash at that time people for listening music use the video tape.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013



                                    calculator is use smallest form of machine which is portable often inexpensive electronic device used to perform both the basic and complex operation of can out in to your pocket and get it where you want to get it and calculator is easily available at any book store or any other store and calculator is very helpful for shop keeper or any other person who is going to do some arithmetic calculation.
picture of calculator
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Photo Shot

Photo Shot:

                                      In the past there is very less or low concept of photo shot because at that time peoples are very simple and kind and camera for the photo shot is not easily available to the people because  at that time technology is not very fast and efficient so that photo cameras are very less in quantity and very expensive so that is why in the past there is no concept of photo shot.But now in the modern age or in very fast and efficient technology are many photo shot cameras with different features and different quality standard according to the customer that is why tofay there are huge number of people who have their own cameras and who want to photo shot.
picture of simple camera
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Digital camera:

                                        As the technology is improving day by day due to this now we have the latest form of camera called digital camera for the photo shot of our memories with our friends and family members.As the technological advancement in the communication media like mobiles now you have the mobiles with built in digital camera to take a picture now you don't need yo buy the digital camera this is the benefit of technological advancement. 
picture of Digital camera
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USB Drivers

USB Drivers:

                                           USB it self is the data storage device now a days using for data transfer between different computers you can say that it is the new way of transfer of data or easy way of transfer data as you in the past to transfer the data people mostly use the floppy drive that is so old fashion and now i think floppy drive is not available in the market due to usb. And to run this usb people need the usb drivers,
To understand that what is the usb drivers you must first know what the word driver means so my friends the word driver means that it is the application that is required to run some gadget or device like USB.
So that is why the usb drivers  very important to run the flash or the usb in the proper way.
image of usb
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As you now this is USB and to run this usb in your computer or laptop you should have the usb drivers But now almost in all upcoming systems or windows have the built in ubs drivers  so you people no need to worried about it.I hope you like it thankx